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If you’re a fan of the previous Skeet Reese Rods, you’ll find the NEXT 1 series both familiar and enhanced in every aspect. Comprising eight models, the NEXT 1 series is meticulously designed to cater to anglers’ diverse needs across various fishing techniques.

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For fans of the previous Skeet Reese Rods, you will find the NEXT 1 series to be familiar but will love the enhancements we made to every component of the line. NEXT 1 consists of eight models designed to give anglers a rod for most techniques they might use in a day’s fishing.

We took my most popular lengths and actions and re-engineered them from there. The goal was to provide a workhorse lineup of rods to serve the core fishing techniques for everyone from the bank angler, the kayaker, or the tournament angler, and do it at the best possible price point.

The foundation of a fishing rod is the blank itself, and each NEXT 1 blank is custom rolled with high-quality
materials built to make sure you feel everything and have the power to respond to the bite. Every technique- specific rod blank in the series features a specific layering of materials to enhance the power, action, and feel of the rod.

We incorporated a blank-through, 16mm Sea Guide reel seat to each model that will ensure effective hand placement for the angler and incorporated a soft touch coating to create a supple feel in your hand. This larger reel seat size helps minimize repetitive stress to your hand that is created by gripping the thin skeleton style reel seats most commonly used today.

For line management, we chose Sea Guide XO guides with Zirconia inserts and custom spec the guide size and placements to maximize efficiency and weight reduction for the end user. We also designed custom hook keepers exclusive to Reese Fishing that give anglers flexibility and efficiency for storing lures. Each NEXT 1 model will be available in a black or Skeet Reese Signature yellow finish.

NEXT 1 from Reese Fishing will be a great all-around rod series to meet all your bass fishing needs.