About Reese Fishing

Hi, this is Skeet Reese, and welcome to Reese Fishing.

You’re entering the realm where my 40-year-long career in bass fishing and my love for designing new products collide.  Throughout my career, I’ve worked with my sponsors to develop products in the fishing tackle and marine industries such as hard baits, soft baits, fishing lines, bass boats, sunglasses, and electronics, and grateful to have been a part of impacting the fishing industry.

My love for creating new products is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job – except for winning tournaments that is.  I’m so excited to launch this brand and share my passion with you.

Since my early days competing in the Western United States, I’ve been involved in developing fishing rods.  My goal is to design rods that make anglers more efficient and better on the water. The rod is perhaps the most critical tool when it comes to making precise presentations, retrieving a lure, and landing fish once they bite; and they deserve special attention. I’ve assembled a team that can take whatever my mind can come up with and find a way to mold it into something new and exciting.  Reese Fishing’s series of rods will provide superior feel, strength, weight, and overall fishability at price points that suit a wide variety of anglers.

In my career, I’ve always been about pushing myself and my products to new limits, at Reese Fishing, that passion for innovation is even greater.  Here we have no limits and can apply whatever new materials and technologies we want to meet our exact specifications.

In short, Reese Fishing will be about extreme performance that pushes the limits and does it in a way that benefits anglers from purchase to catch.

This is my passion, and at Reese Fishing, you hold our passion in your hands.

Guiding Principles


Reese Fishing strives for the best overall performance on the water. By manufacturing affordable, innovative, high quality rods and reels Reese Fishing aims to help advance the fishing industry and leave a mark by educating the fishing community on the latest technology and fishing techniques. Reese, being one of the most successful anglers in the fishing industry combined with over 40 years of experience, knows what real anglers want and need to be successful on the water.


Coming from someone who has the undying love for the sport of fishing, my goal is to spread this passion throughout the fishing community. I’m focused on creating a premium product that ensures success out on the water. By incorporating my knowledge along with new technology into Reese Fishing, I am confident that these products will help you catch more fish!


After competing in tournament fishing nearly my entire life, you need more than the greatest equipment, you need passion. We are more than an average company, built alongside my wife and girls, our goal is to instill our passion for the outdoors. We want Reese Fishing products and customers to I be inspired to explore what the outdoors has to offer.

Skeet Reese with trophy